Friends, you are cordially invited to join us, for a few days, as one of the stops on your European vacation. Email us to see if you will be anywhere in our neighborhood. 

As soon as you walk up the gangplank and are piped aboard, you'll become a member of the crew.  Our crew does it all.  They mop the decks, open lock gates, bike to the bakery for fresh croissants, watch the scenery roll by, listen to the birds sing, and enjoy leisurely lunches in country restaurants and back deck dinners with good wines and great sunsets.

Please review our standing orders before making your reservations.


1. Know where your life jacket is located and your muster station for lifeboats.

2. Know where the fire extinguishers are located and the position of the house line fire hose on board.

3. Know what to do during man overboard procedures.

4. Keep your room and bath clean and tidy.

5. Food & Drink:

     a. The crew participates in the mess, both cooking and clean up.

     b. The crew partakes in provision costs.

     c. The captain issues one beer per day for good seamanship at 1700 hours.


     The captain does not publish or guarantee a port of call itinerary before or during your cruise.

     Use of trains and taxis will be the easiest way to find and join us.

     All standing orders subject to change at any time according to the captain's whims.

Eclaircie is our home in France. We do not take paying guests.