October 2000

Toby sitting near the table during a dinner with friends
As you may have guessed, I am a good little eater, or as they say in France, "Je me tiens bien à la table".  I am beginning to consider myself sort of a food critic.

The supermarkets in this country are huge and I've never seen so many shelves in a market devoted just to my taste buds.  It's a dog's dream come true. Vive La France!

It's not like it was back home where dogs are content to eat the same thing day in and day out. American dogs always say, "Oh boy, dog food again". But, non, non, non, not in this food loving country! Here in France we can choose from an almost endless selection of dry or canned foods, including such gourmet items as duck, foie gras, veal, lamb, pork, salmon and tripe.  I had never even heard of some of these foods before, and I like all of them except the tripe.  Then, as if those choices were not enough, there is also a refrigerated butcher section right there on the dog food aisle with a complete selection of fresh meats, sausages and that old standby, fresh meaty dog bones.

I love French restaurants. They let me come in and sit under the table. If I were a little smaller, they would even let mToby sitting in front of the pizza trucke sit in one of the chairs at the table. It almost makes me wish I were a poodle. But I guess I am happy just the way I am, and lots of food ends up under the tables anyway. I have nothing to complain about.

Another great thing about France is the trucks that have a pizza kitchen inside.  Whenever the pizza guy is in the neighborhood, I love to sit in front and smell the pizzas cooking in the oven. It makes me think that I died and went to Heaven!!  If only the guy would drop a sausage, pepperoni, and ham with double cheese pizza out of the truck. Maybe someday he will.

I will sit and wait.