October 2003

a beautiful winter snow scene

The intense summer heat made us of dream of the light snowfall around the port last winter. It had been hot almost everyday since June and being cold became a vague memory and something that we looked forward to feeling again.

(Winter scene photo - Barry Gordon, Barge "Eleanor")

Light blue shutters, old and warn with two hearts cut into the design
When canals began announcing early closing dates because of a lack of water, we pointed our bow towards Roanne and chugged along at a steady pace. This would be our 4th winter in Roanne, and we did not want to risk being locked out by canal closings.

We had planned to return to Roanne early, pack up the car and finish our summer vacation in Italy, but somehow time drifted away and that never happen. Instead, Roanne welcomed us with its warm heart, and as the summer heat softened into fall warmth, we found ourselves enjoying the company of friends, old and new.



Cruising is always a pleasure, but so is coming home again.